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KUSP FYI is our newsletter and blog on the latest research and news on knowledge translation for the care of older adults.

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  1. IHE Innovation Forum XI May 27, 2014 "Meeting the Challenge: Dementia and Continuing Care"

    April 16 2014

    Featuring 2 leading experts in the fields of dementia and continuing care Dr. Sube Banerjee and Dr. David Grabowski

  2. Seth Rogen testifies at US Senate hearing on Alzheimers

    February 28 2014

  3. CIHR Institute of Aging E-newsletter February 2014

    February 25 2014

  4. Important new article on "characteristics of innovations"

    February 25 2014

    Rogers' Innovation Adoption Attributes: A Systematic Review and Synthesis of Existing Research

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