Translating Research in Elder Care (TREC) is a large scale research program with activities concentrated in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and the Atlantic provinces, and with additional investigators and decision makers joining from Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Territories. TREC is a partnership between participating provinces, health authorities, nursing homes, and academia.

As a longitudinal applied research program, TREC aims to produce knowledge to improve elder care through a partnership of researchers and knowledge users, ensuring the research meets stakeholder needs. The program comprises several research projects and quality improvement initiatives striving to ensure long-term, sustainable improvements in the sector.

Map of provinces and territories in which TREC projects are active

Provinces and territories in which TREC projects are active



Quality of life for older adults and quality of work life for care providers in transformed residential settings.


Develop and deliver sustainable practical solutions that improve the quality of care provided to older adults, enrich the work life of their caregivers, and enhance effectiveness in residential long-term care.