SCOPE wraps up in Manitoba, set to expand in Alberta and BC

SCOPE Celebration Congress Participants

The Safer Care for Older Persons in Residential Environments (SCOPE) project has officially wrapped-up in Manitoba! SCOPE took place in seven Winnipeg personal care homes from February 2016 to February 2017. The project involved health care aides taking the lead on improvement strategies in their care for residents with leadership support. Over the course of a year, unit based teams of 5-6 staff members worked to improve one of three clinical areas: 1) Improving resident behaviours, 2) Reducing pain for residents, or 3) Increasing mobility for residents.

Celebrating Success

On February 10th, 2017, all seven teams came together to showcase their hard work at the final Celebration Congress. Each team gave a presentation to highlight the successes and challenges they encountered while working on the project, and answered questions from the audience. In attendance were facility Directors, representatives from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and the Manitoba government (Manitoba Health, Seniors, and Active Living), and lead TREC researchers. 

In the afternoon of the Congress all SCOPE participants took part in a focus group session to provide feedback on their experience with the project. The opportunity to share their experiences was greatly appreciated by the team members, who provided excellent information to the group facilitators. 

Videos to come

Throughout the day a video crew was present to film the Congress, including the individual SCOPE presentations. In the coming weeks two teams will be doing some additional filming in their care homes to discuss the project and their findings in more detail. This video will be available later in the year for everyone to view.

Spring start to SCOPE in Alberta and British Columbia

With a successful run in Manitoba, the SCOPE project will now be taking place in Alberta and British Columbia! Recruitment of SCOPE facilities in these regions will begin in the Spring of 2017, with the project itself expected to start in the Autumn of 2017.